The Shimmer and Shine Dress Up Trunk is filled with genie sparkle! The storage trunk contains enchanting dress-up accessories, including a pair of play slippers, 2 bangles, 12 interchangeable jewels, 2 hair clips and a decorative genie bottle storage container. Spin the mystical arrow and use whichever jewel the spinner lands on to decorate your bangles. How magical! Suitable for ages 3 and above.   Now you can dress up like Shimmer and Shine! Perfect to create your own magical genie adventures! Add some genie sparkle to your play time with these 19 enchanting dress-up genie accessories. You can add even more sparkle to your accessories with the beautiful genie jewels included! Store all of your genie accessories in this beautiful Shimmer and Shine Dress Up Trunk!   Contents: 1 storage trunk 1 pair of play slippers 2 bangles 12 interchangeable jewels 2 hair clips 1 decorative genie bottle storage container